Case Study: UNHINGED

By providing huge cost savings that permitted three new 3-D sequences, Arch Platform Technologies helped transform the film UNHINGED into a must-see.

The Problem

The producers of UNHINGED had a problem.

Their road range thriller starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, had a very successful director’s cut screening. The performances were strong, the story was involving, the emotional journey was compelling and intense, and the movie had a hook that seemed to tap into the zeitgeist. But still the producers were concerned that audiences wouldn’t say “I must see this film in a theater.” The reason: the budget of $26 million meant the film lacked the scope and scale audiences now require in order to deem a film worthy of a wide release (also known as “theatrical necessity”).

Our Solution

Arch solved the problem.

The proprietary, cloud-based Arch platform saved the film’s producers two-thirds off the cost of industry-standard bids for visual effects work. This savings allowed the producers to afford three new brand new sequences that dramatically expanded the film’s scope — spun up at the push of a button.

Among the additions made possible with a few modest pickup shots and the power of the Arch platform:

  • Turning a small freeway crash with TV-level action into an epic film-worthy pileup with four times as many vehicles, smoke & fire, and a cement truck that tipped over a crushed a cop car—from just about every imaginable angle.

  • Radically enhancing an empty, small, poorly covered sequence of Russell Crowe’s character using his truck as a weapon—hitting, sending flying and ultimately killing a pedestrian who tries to stop him. The goal was to underscore the lethality of what Crowe’s character can and will do--and thus to ratchet up the stakes for our protagonist with many more angles (body flying toward camera, etc.) as well as substantially increasing the number of cars on the road around them.

  • Creating a new visually and emotionally compelling subplot in a chase scene: Arch added a woman driving and putting on makeup, oblivious to everything—until her car wandered into an adjacent lane and got hit at full speed by Crowe’s truck, causing it to flip over a freeway divider and plummet to the ground below.

With these additions, the film finally had everything it needed for audiences to say they must see it in a theater.

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