Technology Partners

Tight integrations with best-in-class technology companies make us the secure, flexible, integrated solution you trust.


Autodesk's Flame is a powerful 3D compositing, visual effects, and editorial finishing tool. Arch Platform Technologies is an Autodesk certified Flame integration partner.

Autodesk’s Shotgun simplifies creative project management and unifies VFX, animation, and games teams of all sizes. Shotgun is the backbone of Arch’s optional highly-developed workflow pipeline, which features a flexible data ingest and delivery system and powerful render farm integrations, allowing teams to iterate faster and collaborate more efficiently.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the broadest portfolio of cloud-based compute, storage, and automation services geared toward content production. Arch utilizes dozens of AWS Services to offer a powerful, cloud-based digital studio infrastructure. Arch is a certified AWS ISV partner.

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AWS Thinkbox

Arch's pipeline features a Deadline Render Farm API toolkit, facilitating a tight integration between Shotgun and Deadline. With the pipeline's powerful render farm integrations, clients can harness the unlimited computer power of the cloud for fast and inexpensive renders.

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Epic Games

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is the worlds most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. It has been a cornerstone in the games industry for decades, and the film and TV industry has been rapidly adopting it across live action, visual effects and animation, transforming the way productions are being made. Arch Platform Technologies’ studio-in-the-cloud platform allows you to quickly get your Unreal production pipeline up and running and connect your artists from around the world. Arch Platforms Technologies is an official Unreal Engine Cloud Distribution Partner

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Arch's works seamlessly with Z by HP workstations, enabling them to be added to Arch's SaaS dashboard alongside cloud resources. For workstation access, Arch leverages HP Anyware which offers secure access to digital workspaces. Arch's custom Security Broker built with the HP Anyware Connection Manager SDK, ensures tight security controls for access to client data. Arch is also an HP Amplify Partner.

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Moxion, an Autodesk Company

Moxion has a range of highly secure media pipeline services, including live asset review and conferencing. The Arch-Moxion integration partnership allows VFX teams, production teams, and directors to synchronize notes and approve changes for VFX without taking any data out of the cloud, reducing the iterative cycle while maintaining data security.

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Weka IO

Weka provides resilient, high performance, multi-protocol storage. It is the fastest, most scalable file system on AWS to ensure applications never have to wait for data. With Weka, Arch users can effectively render in-cloud and run VFX workloads, delivering scalability and cost effectiveness previously unobtainable in a traditional data center. Arch is a certified Weka Igniter Innovation Partner.

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